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Large Cat Scratching Post

Large Cat Scratching Post

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Energize your feline friend with our Large Cat Scratching Post! Give them a place to stretch and sharpen their claws, saving your furniture from damage. This post provides a stimulating outlet for your cat's natural instincts and promotes healthy behavior. Say goodbye to scratched up couches and hello to a happy, well-exercised kitty!

Product information:

Product name: cat climbing frame
Material: plate + fabric + sisal column
Product function: rest / grinding paws
Color: color rainforest small, color rainforest medium, color rainforest large, color rainforest large
Soft velvet fabric
Skin-friendly and delicate cloud experience feeling
Large jumping platform
15 pounds of fat cats are not crowded
Small: product size 46 * 36 * 75
Medium: product size 48*42*98
Large; product size 56*48*126
Extra large: product size 60*48*146

Packing list:

Cat climbing frame x1

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