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Aquatop CAF Classic Aqua Flow Sponge Filter - CAF-180 - (180 Gallons)

Aquatop CAF Classic Aqua Flow Sponge Filter - CAF-180 - (180 Gallons)

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Aquatop CAF Classic Aqua Flow Sponge Filters make maintenance of your home (pet) aquarium more convenient than ever. Sponge filters have been hobbyist, breeder, and hatchery favorites for decades, providing simple, efficient biological and mechanical filtration with less maintenance than traditional filters.

  • A simple, classic, economical aquarium filter
  • Tested by breeders and hatcheries for decades
  • Less maintenance than traditional filters
  • Fast and easy cleaning

Aquatop Classic Sponge Filters feature specially developed foam material that supports the colonization of beneficial bacteria, providing mechanical and biological filtration. The bio-filtration process breaks down toxic ammonia and nitrites, preserving a clean, healthy habitat for your fish. CAF sponge filters are weighted and easy to install with an air pump or powerhead (sold separately), which provides airlift for silent operation. CAF filters may be used as stand-alone, breeding, or secondary filters, and will fit most external or top filters to act as pre-filtration units.

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