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Prevue Snuggle Sack - Large

Prevue Snuggle Sack - Large

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Prevue Snuggle Sack - Large - 8.25in.L x 6in.W x 11in.H - (Assorted Colors)

Enhance your pet bird's comfort and well-being with the Prevue Snuggle Sack. Designed to provide a cozy and secure retreat, this large snuggle sack measures 8.25in.L x 6in.W x 11in.H and comes in assorted colors to suit your bird's personality. Crafted with high-quality materials, this snuggle sack offers a soft and plush interior that your feathery friend will love. The spacious size allows birds of various sizes to comfortably nestle inside, providing a sense of security and privacy. Whether your pet bird is resting or seeking shelter, the unique design of the Snuggle Sack will keep them warm and cozy. Key Features: - Large size suitable for most pet birds - Soft and plush interior for maximum comfort - Assorted colors to suit your bird's personality - Provides a cozy and secure retreat - Promotes a sense of security and well-being for your bird Give your pet bird the ultimate comfort.

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