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Prevue Seed Catcher - Medium - (42in.-82in.Circumference)

Prevue Seed Catcher - Medium - (42in.-82in.Circumference)

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Prevue Seed Catcher - Medium - (42in.-82in. Circumference)

The Prevue Seed Catcher is a must-have accessory for bird owners. Designed for medium-sized birds, this seed catcher fits cages with a circumference ranging from 42 inches to 82 inches. This product is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The unique selling point of the Prevue Seed Catcher is its ability to prevent mess and waste. It features a mesh fabric that effectively catches any seed or debris that your bird may scatter while feeding. This not only keeps your bird's cage clean but also minimizes your cleaning time. Easy to install and maintain, this seed catcher attaches securely to the cage with elastic bands, ensuring a snug fit. It is also machine washable, making it convenient to clean. Caring for your bird and maintaining a clean living environment has never been easier with the Prevue Seed Catcher. Get yours today and provide your feathered friend with the clean and tidy cage they deserve.

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