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Prevue Square Top Bird Cage - Medium - 4 Pack - (18"L x 14"W x 22"H)

Prevue Square Top Bird Cage - Medium - 4 Pack - (18"L x 14"W x 22"H)

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Prevue Square Top Bird Cage - Medium - 4 Pack - (18L x 14W x 22H)

Experience excellent quality and reliability with the Prevue Square Top Bird Cage! This 4-pack set of medium-sized cages, measuring 18L x 14W x 22H, is perfect for bird owners who want to provide their feathered friends a comfortable and spacious habitat. This bird cage is expertly crafted to ensure durability and functionality. Featuring a practical square top design, this bird cage provides ample space for your birds to perch, play, and spread their wings. The medium size is ideal for small to medium-sized birds, ensuring they have plenty of room to move around and exercise. The sturdy construction guarantees years of use, while the metal wire spacing ensures safety for your birds. The unique selling point of the Prevue Square Top Bird Cage lies in its convenience and versatility. With a 4-pack set, you can easily create an attractive and spacious aviary setup for multiple birds. The easy-to-clean removable tray prevents messes from accumulating, making maintenance a breeze. The large front door offers easy access for feeding and interacting with your birds. Invest in the Prevue Square Top Bird Cage to create a safe and comfortable home for your beloved feathered companions. The reliable craftsmanship, generous size, and convenient features of this bird cage deliver exceptional value and satisfaction for any bird enthusiast. Shop now and provide your birds with a cozy and secure habitat they deserve.

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