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Simple Solution

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers - Small - 12 Count - (Waist 15"-19")

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers - Small - 12 Count - (Waist 15"-19")

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Simple Solution Disposable Diapers - Small

Keep your furry friend comfortable and your home clean with Simple Solution Disposable Diapers in size small. Designed specifically for small dogs with a waist measurement of 15" to 19", these diapers provide a convenient solution for managing incontinence, male marking, or during those extra messy times like heat cycles. With a pack containing 12 count, you'll have enough to ensure your pup stays comfortable for weeks to come.

Superior Absorbency and Leak Protection

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers feature a highly absorbent core that quickly locks in moisture, guaranteeing leak-proof protection throughout the day and night. The adjustable, fur-friendly fasteners and stretchy waistband provide a secure and comfortable fit for your furry friend, ensuring mobility without slipping or shifting. These disposable diapers are perfect for travel or when you're on the go, providing peace of mind and hassle-free cleanup. Give your pet the comfort they deserve and say goodbye to accidents with the dependable Simple Solution Disposable Diapers.

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