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Sentry FiproGuard for Cats - 3 Doses

Sentry FiproGuard for Cats - 3 Doses

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Reliable Pest Protection

Sentry FiproGuard for Cats is a top-notch solution to keep your feline companion safe from fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. With three convenient doses in each package, this product delivers long-lasting protection against these pesky parasites, ensuring your cat's wellbeing.

Effective and Easy-to-Use

Equipped with the active ingredient Fipronil, this veterinary-recommended formula swiftly kills fleas and ticks on contact and prevents future infestations for up to 30 days. The easy application process makes it stress-free to protect your furry friend: simply apply the contents of one dose between your cat's shoulder blades, and let the formula do all the work. Sentry FiproGuard for Cats is a reliable and convenient way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

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