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Inaba Juicy Bites Cat Treat Scallop and Crab Flavor - 3 count

Inaba Juicy Bites Cat Treat Scallop and Crab Flavor - 3 count

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Delicious Seafood Flavor

Give your feline friend a delectable treat with Inaba Juicy Bites Cat Treat in Scallop and Crab Flavor. These treats are sure to excite your cat's taste buds with their irresistible seafood flavor. Made from real scallops and crab, these treats provide a genuine taste experience that your cat will love. Whether you want to reward your cat or simply show them some extra love, Juicy Bites are the perfect choice.

Indulge Your Cat's Senses

Inaba Juicy Bites Cat Treats are not only delicious but also offer a wonderful texture that your cat will enjoy. The soft, chewy texture makes these treats easy for your cat to consume, while also providing a satisfying chewing experience. Each pack contains three individual treats, ensuring that you can provide your cat with a delightful surprise whenever you please. Discover the joy on your cat's face as they savor the mouth-watering taste of the Scallop and Crab Flavor in every bite.

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