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KONG Tennis Rewards Treat Dispenser Large Dog Toy - 1 count

KONG Tennis Rewards Treat Dispenser Large Dog Toy - 1 count

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KONG Tennis Rewards Treat Dispenser

Enhance playtime and reward your furry friend with the KONG Tennis Rewards Treat Dispenser. Designed specifically for large dogs, this toy provides both mental and physical stimulation while offering a delightful treat as a reward. The tennis ball shape adds an element of fun and familiarity, making it an exciting addition to your dog's play routine.

Interactive and Engaging

This treat dispenser encourages interactive play, keeping your dog entertained and occupied for hours. Simply insert your dog's favorite treats into the dispenser, and watch as they eagerly try to retrieve them. With each successful retrieval, your pet is rewarded, reinforcing positive behavior and keeping them engaged in the game. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, even for aggressive chewers, making it perfect for tough play sessions.

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