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KONG Squeezz Goomz Football - Large - 1 count

KONG Squeezz Goomz Football - Large - 1 count

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KONG Squeezz Goomz Football

The KONG Squeezz Goomz Football is a durable and entertaining toy designed to provide hours of fun for your furry friend. Made with high-quality materials, this large-sized football is ideal for medium to large dogs who love to play fetch and chew. Its unique, textured surface allows for easy gripping and toss ability, ensuring that your pup will have a blast chasing after it.

Engaging Squeaky Toy

This KONG football features an internal squeaker that adds excitement to playtime. The built-in squeaker emits an enticing sound whenever the football is squeezed, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. The Squeezz Goomz Football is perfect for interactive play and can help satisfy your dog's natural instincts. Whether your dog prefers fetch, chewing, or simply enjoys the thrill of a squeaky toy, this football will surely become their new favorite playtime companion. Bring home the KONG Squeezz Goomz Football and watch your dog's delight as they enjoy endless hours of active play.

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