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KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball - Large - 1 count

KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball - Large - 1 count

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KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball

Engage your furry friend with the KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball. Made from durable material, this large-sized ball is perfect for interactive play sessions. Its unique texture and vibrant colors make it highly enticing, stimulating your pet's natural instincts to chase and fetch.

Durable and Entertaining

The KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball is designed to withstand rigorous chewing, ensuring long-lasting fun for your dog. Its squeaker adds an extra dimension of excitement, captivating your pet's attention for extended playtime. The ball bounces unpredictably, keeping your canine friend mentally and physically engaged. Choose the KONG Squeezz Goomz Ball for an enjoyable and durable toy that will provide countless hours of entertainment and exercise for your furry companion.

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