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Sentry FiproGuard for Dogs - Dogs 89-132 lbs (3 Doses)

Sentry FiproGuard for Dogs - Dogs 89-132 lbs (3 Doses)

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Effective Flea and Tick Protection

Keep your furry friend protected from fleas and ticks with Sentry FiproGuard for Dogs. Specifically formulated for dogs weighing between 89 and 132 pounds, this pack includes 3 doses to provide long-lasting relief from these common pests. Whether you have an active outdoor dog or a cuddly couch potato, Sentry FiproGuard is designed to effectively kill and repel fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Sentry FiproGuard for Dogs is easy to administer and provides up to 30 days of continuous protection. Simply apply one dose to your dog's skin between the shoulder blades, parting the hair to ensure direct contact with the skin. The fast-acting formula starts working within hours, killing fleas and ticks on contact. With Sentry FiproGuard, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your canine companion is protected against these pesky parasites.

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