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KONG Wild Knots - Bear - Assorted - Small/Medium - 13" Long

KONG Wild Knots - Bear - Assorted - Small/Medium - 13" Long

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KONG Wild Knots - Bear

The KONG Wild Knots Bear is a durable and adorable small/medium-sized dog toy that measures 13 inches long. This toy is designed for dogs who love to play, chew, and cuddle. The Bear is made with a soft yet strong material that is sure to withstand hours of rough play. Its internal knotted rope core satisfies a dog's natural chewing instincts while also providing durability.

Assorted Colors

The KONG Wild Knots Bear comes in assorted colors, adding an element of surprise and excitement to playtime. Each bear features minimal stuffing, reducing the mess and potential hazards associated with traditional stuffed toys. The reinforced plush body and inner knots provide extra strength and durability, making this toy perfect for dogs who enjoy interactive play or independent chewing sessions. Whether it's a game of tug-of-war or a gentle cuddle, the KONG Wild Knots Bear is sure to become your furry friend's new favorite toy.

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