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KONG Wubba Squeak Dog Toy - X-Large

KONG Wubba Squeak Dog Toy - X-Large

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Durable and Stimulating

Designed for large dogs, the KONG Wubba Squeak Dog Toy in X-Large size is a must-have addition to your furry friend's toy collection. Made from durable nylon fabric, this toy can withstand vigorous play and ensures long-lasting use, even for the toughest chewers. Its unique and interactive design features two balls - one made of a tennis ball material and the other a squeaky rubber ball - connected by sturdy nylon tails. These tails make it easy to grip and toss, providing exciting games of fetch.

Engaging and Fun

The KONG Wubba Squeak Dog Toy - X-Large size satisfies your dog's natural instincts, satisfying their need for mental stimulation and physical activity. The internal squeaker in the rubber ball adds an exciting element of sound, capturing your dog's attention during playtime. The bright colors and playful shape make it easy to spot outdoors, ensuring endless hours of interactive play with your pooch. Whether your dog loves to fetch, tug, or chew, this versatile and entertaining toy is sure to become their favorite playmate.

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