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KONG Stuff'n Ziggies - Adult Dogs - Original Recipe (Large - 56 oz)

KONG Stuff'n Ziggies - Adult Dogs - Original Recipe (Large - 56 oz)

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KONG Stuff n Ziggies
The KONG Stuff n Ziggies are specially designed for adult dogs and are packed with flavor to keep your furry friend entertained for hours. These chewy treats feature the original recipe that dogs love, making them perfect for rewarding or training purposes.
Large - 56 oz
With a generous 56 oz size, the KONG Stuff n Ziggies in the large pack are ideal for dog owners who want to stock up on their pup's favorite treats. Each Ziggie is filled with an irresistible taste that will keep your dog engaged, providing mental stimulation and helping to prevent boredom. These Ziggies are also great for stuffing into KONG Classic toys, adding an extra challenge for your four-legged companion. Plus, they are easily digestible and made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your dog receives the best nutrition while enjoying a tasty treat. Treat your loyal companion to the long-lasting satisfaction and deliciousness of KONG Stuff n Ziggies.

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