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Espree Coconut Cream Cologne - 4 oz

Espree Coconut Cream Cologne - 4 oz

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Energizing Fragrance

Experience the tropical paradise with Espree Coconut Cream Cologne. This refreshing cologne features a delightful coconut cream scent that will transport you to a sun-drenched beach. The invigorating fragrance leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean, keeping them irresistibly cuddly all day long.

Long-lasting Freshness

Formulated with premium, natural ingredients, Espree Coconut Cream Cologne not only leaves a pleasant scent but also helps eliminate unpleasant pet odors. The 4 oz bottle contains an ample amount of cologne, ensuring long-lasting freshness for your furry friend without overwhelming their senses. Simply spritz on after a bath or in-between grooming sessions to keep your pet smelling fabulous and ready for cuddles.

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