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Four Paws

Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads - Standard - 30 count

Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads - Standard - 30 count

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Highly Absorbent

Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads are designed to provide ultimate absorbency, making them an ideal solution for potty training your adorable puppies (pet). Each pad is equipped with multiple layers that quickly absorb and lock in moisture, keeping your floors clean and dry. Say goodbye to those frustrating accidents and hello to stress-free training.

Economical and Convenient

With a pack of 30 pads, Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads offer great value for money. No more constant trips outside in unfavorable weather or late-night emergencies. These pads provide a convenient indoor bathroom option for your furry friend. Their standard size ensures maximum coverage, while the leak-proof design prevents messes from seeping through. Keep your pup comfortable and your floors protected with these reliable puppy pads.

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