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Four Paws

Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads - Standard - 100 count

Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads - Standard - 100 count

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Super Absorbent

Keep your home clean and fresh with Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads! These standard-sized pads are designed to quickly absorb your puppy's urine, preventing any messes or accidents on your floors. With their super absorbent technology, these pads can hold up to four cups of liquid without leaking, leaving you with less cleanup and more time to enjoy your furry friend's company. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog that needs assistance with potty training, these pads are perfect for all breeds and sizes.

Convenient and Leak-proof

Make potty training a breeze with Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads. With their leak-proof construction, these pads ensure that any moisture is locked in, preventing leaks and ensuring your floors stay dry. The 100 count pack provides you with ample supply, making it convenient and cost-effective for long-term use. These pads feature a built-in attractant that encourages your puppy to use them, helping to train your pet to go in the right place. Whether you're at home, in an apartment, or on-the-go, these pads are the perfect solution to keep your floors clean and your puppy happy.

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