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Tetra TetraMin Tropical Flakes Fish Food - 2.2 lbs

Tetra TetraMin Tropical Flakes Fish Food - 2.2 lbs

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TetraMin Regular Tropical Flakes is a rich, totally nutritious diet for all common tropical fish. TetraMin contains essential nutrients and added Vitamin C for boosted disease resistance. This specially balanced formula provides optimal health, color and vitality. And, as always, it does not cloud water when used as directed.

  • Nutritionally balanced diet
  • Cleaner and clearer water, guaranteed
  • Aids in optimal health, color and vitality of your fish

The worlds leading fish food for over 40 years, TetraMin Tropical Flakes fish food is created by a special process of 40 select ingredients that makes each flake firm and fully digestible. This greatly reduces uneaten food and tank waste, while increasing filtering capacity. TetraMin is made with ProCare, a patented, health enhancing blend of vitamins, biotin and Omega-3 to enhance resistance to stress and disease.

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