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JW Gripsoft

JW Gripsoft Shedding Blades - Small

JW Gripsoft Shedding Blades - Small

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Efficient Shedding Blade

Introducing the JW Gripsoft Shedding Blades in a small size, perfect for effectively removing loose fur from your furry friend. The shedding blade features a curved handle design that offers a comfortable grip for effortless grooming sessions. With its specially designed teeth, this shedding blade reaches deep under the topcoat to remove loose and dead hair, reducing shedding and preventing mats and tangles in your pet's coat.

Gentle Grooming Experience

Crafted with precision, the JW Gripsoft Shedding Blades are designed to provide a gentle grooming experience for both you and your pet. The rounded teeth are made to be safe and non-irritating, ensuring that your pet's skin is protected throughout the grooming process. This handy tool can be used on all coat types and is particularly beneficial during seasonal shedding periods, helping to control fur around the house and keeping your pet's coat looking healthy and shiny.

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