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JW Gripsoft

JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush - Small Slicker Brush

JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush - Small Slicker Brush

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JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush

The JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush is the perfect grooming tool for keeping your pet's coat smooth, tangle-free, and shiny. This small slicker brush is designed to effortlessly remove loose fur, mats, and tangles from your pet's coat, leaving them looking their best.

Efficient Grooming

With its fine, flexible bristles, the JW Gripsoft Slicker Brush gently and effectively removes dead hair and helps to stimulate natural oil production for a healthy and lustrous coat. The comfortable handle ensures a firm grip, making grooming sessions comfortable for both you and your furry friend. Regular use of this slicker brush helps to prevent hairballs and promotes a cleaner home environment.

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