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Kaytee Walnut Pet Bird Litter - 25 lbs

Kaytee Walnut Pet Bird Litter - 25 lbs

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Kaytee Walnut Pet Bird Litter is made from all-natural, crushed walnut shells. This litter is incredibly easy to clean and will not stick or cling to cages like other litters, and makes an excellent non-contact bedding for all types of pet birds.

  • Extra clean litter for a healthier pet home
  • Easy to clean, non-contact bedding
  • Made with natural crushed walnut shells

Walnut Litter provides moderate absorbency and odor control with minimal dust.

Note: Use only in cages with grate separating litter from birds. Due to possible health concerns from potential bird ingestion, Walnut Litter should not come in direct contact with birds.

Ingredients: Natural Crushed Walnut Shells.

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