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Magic Coat

Magic Coat Slicker Brush - Small (7"L x 4"W)

Magic Coat Slicker Brush - Small (7"L x 4"W)

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Efficient Grooming

The Magic Coat Slicker Brush - Small (7"L x 4"W) is an essential tool for maintaining your pet's coat. With its carefully designed bristles, this brush glides through your pet's fur while effectively removing loose hair, tangles, and mats. The small size of this slicker brush makes it perfect for small breed dogs or cats, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience for your furry friend.

Gentle on Fur and Skin

With the Magic Coat Slicker Brush, you can groom your pet without causing discomfort or irritation. The gentle bristles prevent excessive pulling or tugging, making it suitable for pets with sensitive skin. Regular brushing using this slicker brush not only helps keep your pet's coat tidy but also promotes a healthy and shiny appearance. The brush's ergonomic design provides a firm grip, allowing you to groom your pet effortlessly and efficiently.

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