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Pet Steamy Brush 3 In 1 Electric Spray

Pet Steamy Brush 3 In 1 Electric Spray

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Get ready to pamper your furry friend with the Pet Steamy Brush 3 in 1 Electric Spray! This unique brush not only removes dirt and tangles, but also sprays a refreshing mist for a calming spa experience. Keep your pet looking and feeling their best with this quirky and playful grooming tool.

Steam Pet Brush with Unique Spray Function

Steam Cat hair brush is designed with a unique spray function, which can effectively loosen and remove built-up dust and dirt from cat hair; The spray is not only safe but also slightly moisturizes the pet's hair, helping to soften it better and perfectly solving the problem of difficult grooming due to static electricity.

High-quality materials  

This brush is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly ABS, which is more durable. The comb teeth are made of high-quality silicone. Each comb tooth is very soft to better protect your pet's skin, which can better protect your pet's skin.

Professional Cat Steam Brush

Turn on the power switch to use the function of spray as you need. You can add water, softener or deodorant to the water tank, and the resulting spray can effectively avoid static electricity and excess hair flying around when grooming pets. The dander and loose hair combed from pets will all be collected on the comb.

Product information:
Specifications: porcelain white, milk Brown
Material: ABS
Type: pet massage comb

Packing list:

Massage comb X1

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