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Spot Roll-a-Treat Dog Treat Dispenser - 1 count

Spot Roll-a-Treat Dog Treat Dispenser - 1 count

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Convenient Treat Dispenser

The Spot Roll-a-Treat Dog Treat Dispenser is designed to make treat time interactive and stimulating for your furry friend. This innovative dispenser allows you to easily load your dog's favorite treats and watch as they roll out during play, providing mental and physical stimulation.

Engage and Entertain

With the Spot Roll-a-Treat Dog Treat Dispenser, you can keep your pup engaged and entertained for hours. Simply fill the dispenser with treats, give it a roll, and let your dog chase after the tasty rewards. This interactive toy promotes active play, helps prevent boredom, and encourages problem-solving skills in dogs of all sizes and ages.

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