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Van Ness

Van Ness Track-Less Litter Mat Tiles - 4 count

Van Ness Track-Less Litter Mat Tiles - 4 count

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Easy Cleanup
The Van Ness Track-Less Litter Mat Tiles are designed to make cleaning up after your feline pet a breeze. Each package includes four durable tiles that effectively trap and contain litter. Simply place the tiles near your cat's litter box and watch as they catch any loose litter from your cat's paws as they exit the box.
Efficient Litter Control
Made of high-quality materials, these litter mat tiles are designed to be effective in reducing litter tracking throughout your home. The textured surface captures litter particles and prevents them from scattering all over the floor. The nonslip backing ensures that the mats stay securely in place, even during energetic scratching sessions. With their easy-to-clean design, these track-less litter mat tiles are an essential addition to any cat lover's home.

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