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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - X-Large - 1 count

ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - X-Large - 1 count

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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar

Keep your pet comfortable during the healing process with the ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar. Designed specifically for extra-large dogs, this collar provides a safe and effective alternative to the traditional plastic cone. Made from soft, translucent material, it allows your furry friend to see clearly and move more freely while still preventing them from licking or biting at their wounds.

Maximum Comfort and Protection

The ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar is extremely lightweight and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort for your pet. The unique design does not obstruct your pet's peripheral vision, reducing anxiety and stress associated with wearing a cone. Easy to secure with adjustable straps, this collar guarantees a secure and snug fit, keeping your pet safe and protected throughout their recovery process. Trust ZenPet for a hassle-free healing experience!

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