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Lil Pals

Li'l Pals Nylon Lead - Neon Pink - 6' Long x 5/16" Wide

Li'l Pals Nylon Lead - Neon Pink - 6' Long x 5/16" Wide

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Small and Stylish

The Lil Pals Nylon Lead in neon pink is perfect for petite pups who deserve a touch of vibrant style during their daily strolls. Measuring 6 feet long and 5/16 inches wide, this lead is specifically designed to comfortably fit small breeds or puppies. Made from high-quality nylon, it combines durability with a soft texture, ensuring both you and your furry friend enjoy pleasant walks together.

Reliable and Secure

This neon pink lead offers reliability and security, allowing you to maintain control over your tiny pup while also providing them the freedom to explore their surroundings. The sturdy metal clasp securely attaches to your pet's collar or harness, preventing accidental escapes during outdoor adventures. With its bright neon color, this lead offers increased visibility, ensuring your beloved fur baby stands out and remains easily visible, promoting safety during walks at any time of day or night.

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