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Coastal Pet Walk Right Padded Dog Harness Red - Small

Coastal Pet Walk Right Padded Dog Harness Red - Small

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Comfortable and Secure:

The Coastal Pet Walk Right Padded Dog Harness in red is specifically designed for small dogs, ensuring optimum comfort and security during walks. Its padded construction provides a gentle and soft touch against your furry friend's skin, preventing any discomfort or chafing that can often occur with other harnesses. The harness is adjustable, allowing for a perfect fit while ensuring that your pup remains safe and secure.

Easy Control and Leash Attachment:

This dog harness features a unique design that allows you to walk your pet with ease. It features a front leash attachment, enabling you to have more control over your dog's movements and preventing them from pulling on the leash. The innovative 'walk right' design also helps discourage dogs from jumping, lunging, or running ahead, providing a safer and more enjoyable walking experience. With the Coastal Pet Walk Right Padded Dog Harness, you can confidently take your small dog for a stroll, knowing they are both comfortable and secure.

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