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Prevue Seed Catcher - Large - (52in.-100in.Circumference)

Prevue Seed Catcher - Large - (52in.-100in.Circumference)

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Prevue Seed Catcher - Large - (52in.-100in. Circumference)

Introducing the Prevue Seed Catcher, the perfect accessory for bird owners looking to keep their homes clean and tidy. Designed specifically to fit cages with a circumference ranging from 52 inches to 100 inches, this large seed catcher is a must-have for bird enthusiasts. This seed catcher is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The Prevue Seed Catcher features a simple yet effective design that effortlessly attaches to your bird's cage, preventing seeds and debris from falling onto the floor. This not only keeps your home cleaner, but also allows for easy cleanup, saving you time and effort. The seed catcher is also adjustable, allowing for a perfect fit on various cage sizes. With its generous size, the Prevue Seed Catcher provides ample coverage, minimizing mess and reducing the amount of wasted bird food. The lightweight and breathable fabric ensures optimal airflow, promoting a healthy environment for your feathered companion. Keep your home clean and your bird happy with the Prevue Seed Catcher. Perfectly tailored for birds and the Prevue category, this seed catcher is a must-have for any bird owner.

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