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KONG Premium Catnip - 1 oz

KONG Premium Catnip - 1 oz

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KONG Premium Catnip

Experience the ultimate joy for your feline friend with KONG Premium Catnip. This 1 oz container is filled with high-quality, organic catnip that will instantly captivate and excite your beloved pet.

Irresistible Aromas

Unlock hours of play and entertainment as your cat indulges in the irresistible aromatic bliss of KONG Premium Catnip. Our carefully cultivated catnip leaves are rich in natural oils, delivering an enchanting fragrance that entices even the most discerning cats. Watch as your furry companion rolls, pounces, and frolics around, immersing themselves in pure feline euphoria. Rest assured, our catnip is harvested at the peak of potency, ensuring a robust and stimulating experience for your precious pet.

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