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KONG Scratcher Refill for Incline/Double Scratcher - 2 Refills

KONG Scratcher Refill for Incline/Double Scratcher - 2 Refills

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KONG Scratcher Refill - 2 Refills

Elevate your feline's scratching experience with the KONG Scratcher Refill. Designed exclusively for the Incline/Double Scratcher, these refill pads keep your cat engaged and satisfied. Crafted with premium materials, the refill pads are built to endure even the most vigorous scratching sessions, saving your furniture from potential damage.

Irresistible Scratch Appeal

The KONG Scratcher Refill features a textured surface that entices cats to sharpen their claws while providing a satisfying scratching sensation. With two refill pads included, you can easily replace worn-out scratchers to maintain your cat's interest. These durable refills are an essential addition to the Incline/Double Scratcher, promoting healthy scratching habits and ensuring endless entertainment for your furry friend.

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