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Lil Pals

Lil Pals De-Matting Comb - 4" Long Comb

Lil Pals De-Matting Comb - 4" Long Comb

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Lil Pals De-Matting Comb

The Lil Pals De-Matting Comb is a must-have tool for pet owners with furry companions. This 4" long comb is specifically designed to tackle tough tangles and mats in your pet's fur, keeping them looking sleek and well-groomed.

Efficient and Gentle

Featuring stainless steel teeth, this de-matting comb effortlessly glides through knots and snarls, making grooming sessions quick and efficient. The rounded tips of the teeth ensure a gentle experience for your pet, preventing any discomfort or pain during the detangling process.

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