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KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush - Raspberry - Large

KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush - Raspberry - Large

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KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush

The KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush in Raspberry color is the perfect grooming tool for your furry friend. Designed for large dogs, this brush will help maintain their coat and promote healthy skin. The flexible, rubber teeth on the brush massage and stimulate the skin while effectively removing loose hair and dirt.

Efficient Grooming

The bristles on the ZoomGroom brush are gentle yet effective in removing shedding hair and stimulating natural oil production, resulting in a shiny and healthy coat. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use, providing you with a comfortable grooming experience. With regular use, this brush can help reduce shedding and minimize hair around your home. Keep your large dog's coat looking great with the KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush.

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