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KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush - Boysenberry - Large

KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush - Boysenberry - Large

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Effective Grooming:

The KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush in Boysenberry is the ideal tool for maintaining your dog's coat. This large-sized brush is designed to effectively remove loose hair, dirt, and dander, leaving your furry friend with a healthier and cleaner coat. Its unique design features gentle bristles that massage the skin while removing dirt and dead hair, promoting a healthy and glossy coat for your pet.

Easy to Use:

Designed with user convenience in mind, the KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush is a breeze to use. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring that grooming sessions are a pleasant experience for both you and your dog. The brush is easy to maneuver over your dog's body, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes. Whether your dog has a longer or shorter coat, this brush will efficiently keep their fur looking neat and well-maintained. Say goodbye to shedding and hello to a well-groomed pup with the KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush.

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