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KONG Wobbler Dog Toy - Small (Dogs under 25 lbs)

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy - Small (Dogs under 25 lbs)

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KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is a must-have for small dogs weighing under 25 lbs. Designed to engage and challenge your furry friend, this interactive toy provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Made from durable and non-toxic material, it is built to withstand even the toughest chewers.

Mealtime Fun and Exercise

With its unique wobbling action, the KONG Wobbler dispenses treats as your dog plays, making mealtime a thrilling experience. This toy not only keeps your pup engaged but also aids in weight management by slowing down eating habits. The Wobbler encourages physical activity, helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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