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Kaytee Gourmet Seed Cake - 2 lbs

Kaytee Gourmet Seed Cake - 2 lbs

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Kaytee Gourmet Seed Cakes attract colorful songbirds with a premium blend of highly desirable ingredients in an easy-to-feed cake. Kaytees special honey seed formula makes the ultimate treat for a variety of (pet) wild birds.

  • Highly desirable blend for colorful songbirds
  • Includes honey, sunflowers, peanuts, safflower & millet
  • Lasts longer & creates less mess than loose seed
  • Attracts a variety of wild birds

Feeding Guide: For best results, place cake in a Kaytee Feeder Station (not included) and hang approximately 5 feet above the ground. This product is only intended for feeding wild birds.

Ingredients: Sunflower, Safflower, Millet, Peanuts, Gelatin, Dextrose, Honey. Allergen information: Contains peanuts and/or other tree nuts.

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