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Pet Outing Poop Picking Bags

Pet Outing Poop Picking Bags

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Make pet outings stress-free with our Poop Picking Bags! Convenient and reliable, our bags make cleaning up after your furry friend easy. Say goodbye to messy walks and delays - our bags are a must-have for any pet owner. Keep your neighborhood clean and hassle-free with Pet Outing Poop Picking Bags!

Product information:
Specifications: New striped blue, new striped gray, forest bag-White, forest bag-pink, blue without logo, black without logo, Purple without logo, blue tape mark, purple with logo, red Without logo, dark blue without logo, new bone small bag sky blue, new bone small bag dark blue, new bone small bag Orange, New bone small bag Black
Category: pet bag
Product Specification size: 9.5*5 * 5cm
Material: Polyester, no deformation, hand wash, machine wash. Feel medium hardness, high quality, this product is the most detailed.
Product features: pet poop storage, does not occupy a large area, can be directly put into the pocket, can hang hand holding rope, small and not bound. Zipper closure, no falling.
This product is tailored for pet dogs. It can hold small bags for pet poop, store poop, pick up wall-hung urinal clean and hygienic, and is environmentally friendly. Our store supports wholesale, cross-border export, etc. There are a variety of small bags, the colors are randomly selected and the styles are diversified. You can run without restraint across hand holding rope, a good helper for pet owners, pooper scooper-small bag.
Use environment: walking dogs after work, traveling with pets, shopping with pets, visiting with pets, etc.

Packing list:
Garbage bag*1
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