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Oval Cross Double Raised Feeder - Large/Black

Oval Cross Double Raised Feeder - Large/Black

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Oval Cross Double Raised Feeder

Designed for both style and functionality, our Oval Cross Double Raised Feeder is the perfect addition to any pet owner's home. The sturdy construction and sleek black finish make this feeder a durable and attractive choice. Its elevated design promotes proper digestion and reduces the strain on your pet's neck and joints during mealtime.

Large Capacity and Convenient Design

This feeder is specifically crafted for large-sized pets, providing ample space for their food and water. The double bowl design allows you to serve both food and water in one convenient location, making it a great solution for multi-pet households. The raised stand helps to keep the bowls in place and prevents spills, keeping your floors clean. Easy to assemble and clean, this feeder is a stylish and practical option for pet owners seeking a comfortable and mess-free feeding experience for their furry friends.

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