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Spot Skinneeez Crinklers - Cow - Mini - 1 Count

Spot Skinneeez Crinklers - Cow - Mini - 1 Count

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Spot Skinneeez Crinklers

The Spot Skinneeez Crinklers - Cow - Mini - 1 Count is a must-have toy for your furry friend. Designed with crinkle paper inside, this plush toy provides hours of entertainment and sensory stimulation for your pet. The cow design adds an adorable touch to the toy, making it even more appealing to both you and your pet.

Durable and Interactive

This mini-sized Spot Skinneeez Crinkler is perfect for small dogs and puppies. With a size of 14 inches, it is easy to carry and play with. The durable construction ensures that the toy can withstand rough play and chewing. The crinkle paper inside the toy creates enticing noise that will keep your pet engaged, helping to alleviate boredom and anxiety. Additionally, the soft plush material is gentle on your pet's mouth, making it suitable for both interactive play and cuddling.

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