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Van Ness

Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners - Small (10 Pack)

Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners - Small (10 Pack)

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Convenient & Reliable

Ensure a hassle-free litter box cleaning experience with Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners. This 10-pack of small liners is designed to fit perfectly in your cat's litter box, making clean-up a breeze. The drawstring feature allows you to easily tie up and dispose of the used litter, keeping your hands clean and odor-free. These liners are made from durable materials, preventing leaks and spills that can lead to unwanted messes. Say goodbye to scraping and scrubbing and say hello to a fresh and sanitary litter box for your furry pet.

Hygienic & Cost-effective

Keep your cat's litter box clean and hygienic with the Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners. Made from high-quality materials, these liners prevent urine or litter from sticking to the bottom of the litter box, resulting in easier and less frequent deep cleans. The drawstring design not only ensures hassle-free disposal but also saves you money by reducing the amount of litter wasted during clean-up. With a pack of 10 liners, you'll have long-lasting convenience at your fingertips. Give your cat a clean and fresh litter box every time, without the mess and hassle, thanks to Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners.

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