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ZenPet Pro-Collar Inflatable Recovery Collar - X-Small - 1 count

ZenPet Pro-Collar Inflatable Recovery Collar - X-Small - 1 count

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ZenPet Pro-Collar: Comfortable Recovery Collar for Dogs

Introducing the ZenPet Pro-Collar Inflatable Recovery Collar - the perfect solution to help your beloved pet recover comfortably and quickly. Designed specifically for dogs, this collar provides reliable protection while allowing your furry friend to rest, play, and heal without any discomfort or restriction.

Maximum Comfort, Optimal Healing

The ZenPet Pro-Collar features an innovative inflatable design that not only prevents your dog from reaching wounds or hot spots, but also ensures ultimate comfort during the recovery process. With its soft, plush fabric cover, this collar allows your pet to rest and sleep peacefully while still providing a barrier to prevent licking or scratching. The adjustable strap ensures a secure and snug fit, allowing your dog to move around freely while maintaining optimal healing conditions.

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