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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - Large - 1 count

ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - Large - 1 count

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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar

The ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar is a large-sized, convenient solution for protecting your pet during the recovery process. This transparent collar allows your pet to maintain visibility and comfort while preventing them from accessing their wounds or affected areas. Made with a durable, lightweight material, the E-Clear Recovery Collar ensures long-lasting use and ease of movement for your pet.

Effective and Stress-Free

With the ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar, you can provide your pet with an effective and stress-free recovery experience. The transparent design eliminates the feeling of isolation, reducing anxiety and allowing your pet to engage with their surroundings. The unique design also ensures that your pet's peripheral vision is not impaired, allowing them to navigate their environment confidently. This collar is easy to clean and adjust, providing convenience for both you and your furry friend during the recovery period.

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