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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - XX-Large

ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar - XX-Large

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ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar

The ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar is specifically designed to provide comfort and protection to your pet during the recovery process. This XX-Large collar is recommended for larger breeds, ensuring a secure fit. With a count of 1, this collar offers a reliable solution for postoperative pets or those with injuries.

Discreet and Comfortable

This recovery collar features a transparent design that allows your pet to maintain their peripheral vision, reducing anxiety and frustration. The soft and flexible material ensures maximum comfort, allowing your pet to move freely without any discomfort or hindrance. It prevents them from reaching areas that require protection, ultimately aiding in the healing process and preventing self-inflicted injuries. Great for dogs or cats, the ZenPet E-Clear Recovery Collar is an essential tool for your pet's recovery journey.

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